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Mental Health Author | I am Adam Bowcutt and I am rewriting mental wealth

You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Robots are already doing tasks once completed by humans. This is increasing because of its economic benefits to companies that require profit to grow.

You are human. We are humans, and we have amazing capabilities that artificial intelligence and robots do not possess – yet. Right now we must strengthen our empathy for the sake of our future.

Humans are emotional sentient beings with a beautiful ability to sense, feel, and perceive things on a level that’s ineffable or too great for words to describe. For example, I…

Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics — Victor Pinchuk

Releasing creativity empowers you to shift from consumer to creator. Once you begin to create value you will begin exchanging this value for money. It’s a resource to use as you choose. We could all dedicate more energy to increase our creativity, because humans need to create things. It’s part of human nature; it’s part of who we are.

I used to daydream regularly when I was younger. My mind would wander. I imagined scenarios that were so much fun. But I felt guilty because I was…

A poem attempting to explain an experience of despair, progressing to mental repair.

[Trigger Warning: Themes of Depression and Suicidal Ideation]

To Die Today?

My frown reflects like deep emptiness mocking me from another dimension.

Stained sparingly with splatters of escaped toothpaste, the bathroom mirror reveals a broken spirit.

Who is that sorry excuse of a man staring back from the stained glass?

You useless piece of shit” a voice declared with venom.

Kill yourself” the voice said hissing like an angry snake.

This will be another long night.

Now, awake from disjointed slumber. What’s today? Just another number.

Days meaningless and nights drawn-out.

What’s the point of life poisoned with doubt?


Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths — Etty Hillesum

Self-care is a catalyst influencing our levels of self-awareness, and increasing self-awareness is critical because it is the powerful foundation of self-mastery—specifically, powerful mind-mastery and mental wealth.

By repeating a positive self-care mantra to yourself, you will eventually become a master of your mind. Self-talk is important because whatever you regularly say to yourself, either out loud or quietly and internally with your inside voice, becomes who you believe you are. …

Will you accept this ultimate challenge?

What’s the worst that can happen? Seriously?

You must.

It’s your duty.

Well, to be fair it’s your choice. Choose wisely my friend. Creating leaders is the most important purpose of leadership.

Leadership is more than you. It’s more than the ego. You create ‘we’. ‘We’ creates ‘us’. By creating more leaders, you become a great leader. This is important because creating leaders is cyclical. The leaders you help create, in turn, become great leaders, and so on. These new leaders, in turn, creating more great leaders. It’s exponential. Be exponential.

Did you know that ‘contrary to the opinion of…

(before, during and after leading others)

  1. You’ll become a much better leader.
  2. You’ll have much better mental health.
  3. Your team(s) will have much better mental health.

Did you know that approximately 66% of workers experienced burnout on the job? — Gallup global analytics

Back in 2016 I ‘adulted’ to such an unsustainable level that I experienced stress-induced clinical depression with ‘protective’ psychosis. I was hospitalised for my own safety. …

There’s only one growth strategy: work hard — William Hague

It’s like a pilot plotting a course to their destination. Careful and strategic planning is considered before take-off. Safety, weather, weight, fuel, and other variables come into play. For example, a pilot is skilled in the technical aspects of flying a plane. She is also skilled in map-reading, leadership, and collaborating with her team, especially the air traffic controllers. Once the plane is airborne after a successful take-off, the captain must now manage and control the plane to get all passengers to the agreed destination safely and in good time…

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest — Benjamin Franklin

Learning is important because we don’t know what we don’t know. Once you know you know, you know? By learning something new we build confidence because our understanding deepens. Like plant roots growing longer and stronger as it receives water and light. Learning is important because you’ll be more effective at processing information which means you’ll acquire skills. Developing skills will increase your confidence because you’ll grow competence in new arenas. Gladiators that held the highest skills were more likely to triumph after confidently stepping into the arena. Round…

Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate, and to humble — Yehuda Berg

Leveraging language is powerful because it improves meaning in your life and in your interactions with others; increasing focus on what’s most important to you. By leveraging language, you increase your level of awareness of other people and of yourself. By understanding what language is and how it represents meaning by using words you will develop refined communication skills. You will better understand, and be understood by others.

You will better understand, and be…

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