3 Ways to Stop the Narcissist Harassing You

Adam Bowcutt
2 min readOct 7, 2022

Are you fed up with incessant harassment from that Narcissist?

Be it online, offline, or a seemingly constant mix of both?

In the past, I felt overwhelmed and powerless; a daily peppering of aggressive insults left a sour taste in my unwell-being.

One threatening phone call led to countless threatening phone calls.

One sinister text message led to countless sinister text messages.

One scathing public social media comment led to countless scathing public social media comments.

One malicious email led to countless malicious emails.

Even after assertively demanding that the Narcissist stops doing all these things. What do they do? They double-down and spread more toxic energy through any means.

You block the phone number. They call from another phone.

You delete the text. They send another one.

You delete the public social media comment. They post another one.

You delete the malicious email. They send another one.

It. Never. Stops.

The consequences of not making it stop are catastrophic. Why? Because the Narcissist is relentless in destroying you. It’s what gives them energy, their supply, their life. It’s what they truly live for.

Step 1:

Pause and breathe. Yes, this is really happening to you. Once you stop to take a deep breath, you will start to solve this big problem.

Step 2:

Document E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. Do not delete anything. Screenshot everything. Timestamp, save, and get this toxic evidence organised.

Step 3:

Report the harassment to the police. It will start the long process to bring the law, justice, and accountability to the Narcissist.

Repeat steps 1–3 until you make it stop

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