Why Self-Leadership is Critical

Adam Bowcutt
3 min readApr 4, 2021

(before, during and after leading others)

Why is self-leadership critical before, during and after leading others?

  1. You’ll become a much better leader.
  2. You’ll have much better mental health.
  3. Your team(s) will have much better mental health.

Did you know that approximately 66% of workers experienced burnout on the job? — Gallup global analytics

Back in 2016 I ‘adulted’ to such an unsustainable level that I experienced stress-induced clinical depression with ‘protective’ psychosis. I was hospitalised for my own safety. I did not have the mental health or brain capacity to realize that the choices and behaviors I’d made in the years prior to this disruptive episode would result in a life-changing; almost life-ending outcome.

In hindsight:

I did not practice self-leadership.

I did not practice self-care.

I did not focus on serving others, including myself.

I ended up simply going through the motions of an untenable and unfulfilling lifestyle until my mind and body could cope no more. It broke down. I broke down.

Now, I’ve learned from my past mistakes, rebuilt strength, and doing my best to help others to not make the same serious blunders. It’ll save you so much valuable time and heartache.

Being of service to others is massively important for leadership. But, what’s most important is creating a solid foundation of self-service and self-leadership so that you can effectively and sustainably serve others for the long-term.

Ok, now, how?

1 Self-Awareness

Practice improving your self-awareness skills

Observe the observer.

Create a daily habit allocating just five minutes to simply sitting with yourself and doing the following:

  1. Thinking – who are you?
  2. Detaching – from yourself, from your ego. Practice separating ‘you’ from your thoughts (the answer to 1)
  3. Observing – with non-attachment. See your ‘self’ from…



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