Why Leadership is a Choice

Adam Bowcutt
3 min readNov 3, 2017


Sheryl Sandberg chose leadership

What do you think about when you hear the word ‘leadership’?

There are countless explanations about what being a leader is. The most important being your perception of leadership because perception is reality. It’s your unique reality.

About 6 months ago I felt I was a leader. Quietly, I’ve always felt this. But, I didn’t believe it because I held onto a belief that I had to be given a leadership title. In fact, I was wrong. That day I made a clear decision. I chose to be a leader . Instantly my life changed. I had more energy and a powerful sense of purpose.

Leadership is definitely a choice. Someone doesn’t have to select you as a leader. You choose to be one. It’s truly empowering. You’ll be in a great position to help so many people improve their lives through your actions and behaviours. How does that sound?

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” Simon Sinek

Do you sometimes find it difficult making decisions? If so, use this effective tool: The Decision-Maker by Seymour Schulich. Ok, so now you’ve decided, what now?

Practice every single day. Practice leadership skills. By consistently helping others reach their goals and become successful you will, in turn, become a great leader. Remember, the meaning of success is different to everyone.

Your DNA determines your leadership style. Self-awareness is most important in leadership. How can you lead others if you can’t lead yourself? Truly knowing who you are; your values, strengths and weaknesses will help you lead yourself so that you can effectively lead others. So, who are you?

Ok great! so you know who you are, and lead yourself authentically with self-discipline. You’re passionate about helping others. Now what?

To become a great leader you’ll need to learn, practice and master a mix of important leadership skills. Firstly, confidence. For your followers to have confidence in you, you’ll need to radiate confidence. Secondly, communication. Effective and enthusiastic communication is critical in creating a clear understanding of your vision and purpose. Thirdly, relationships. Build and nurture strong long-term relationships because trust is a foundation of leadership.

There are many other leadership skills to learn. For example, delegation, strategy and life-long learning; always be learning.

An exponential principle of leadership is a focus on creating more leaders. It’s about succession and legacy. As a masterful leader you’ll help build a better world by creating progressive and adaptable leaders. In whichever space and time you’re in you will solve problems and have influence. Now, and into the future. It’s exciting!

“Lead, so when you leave, your influence remains.” Adam Bowcutt

It’s not easy being a leader. Nothing worth doing ever is.

Now, go practice.

By Adam Bowcutt Founder of My Side Business™ BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology specialising in Social Psychology



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