Why Confidence is Critical

Adam Bowcutt
2 min readAug 17, 2018


Are you confident?


That’s awesome! Keep practicing this amazing habit.


Ok, we have work to do. Let’s start shall we?

Confidence is critical to your mental health because if you’re not confident, every single day, your mental health could suffer. Ultimately this could be harmful to you. You only have one life.

Did you know that confidence is fluid and can change daily, even hourly?

I used to lack confidence. In public, with a group of people within a conversation. I’d have an opinion I desperately wanted to share with the world. But, I’d never dare to share because of my fear of judgement.

In this context, fear is false.

F.E.A.R is false evidence appearing real.

For years the cumulative effects of not sharing my personal thoughts and opinions built like a pressure cooker inside my chest. Eventually leading to depression and hospitalization. I got sick. Very sick.

Now, I am awesome. I am sharing my knowledge with you so you can feel great too.

Energy doesn’t die. But, as a human being, your body with mind, can.

So, my friend. What will you do with this amazing energy of yours? Your valid opinions and thoughts are all energy that could be released into the world.

Or, they could consume you and overflow into anxiety and depression, and in some cases, suicide.

You are enough. You are you and this is enough. Be you. There is no one on planet earth that is like you. You have unique DNA.

You are worthy of respect purely for being you. So, be assertive.

Next time you feel fear arise. Fear of being judged simply by sharing who you are. Remember fear is just false evidence appearing real.

In life you’ll be judged, it’s guaranteed. Accept it. You cannot escape judgement. Whether you share your thoughts or not you’ll be judged because it’s what humans do. So you might as well go forth!

Practice being confident. Even if your voice shakes. Do it. You must.

What is the worst that can happen? Seriously. Think about it for one moment.

Ok, great. You didn’t die, did you?

Now, go live your life with confidence.


Adam Bowcutt



Adam Bowcutt

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