Why assertiveness in work and life is a great learnable skill

Adam Bowcutt
2 min readNov 18, 2017
Practicing assertiveness will strengthen your relationships

When you have to ask your boss something important, what are your immediate thoughts? Come on, be honest.

Well, whatever you came up with can change. I’m going to show you why it’s great being more assertive in work and life. Being assertive helps boost your self-esteem and confidence because it respects others, as well as yourself. This is a great thing!

Assertiveness helps you communicate effectively and clearly and reduces stress and anxiety. Do you want to experience less stress and anxiety?

I thought so.

A few years ago when I worked for an online company in customer services, an aggressive customer called. Let’s call him Jack. Now for some reason unbeknownst to me Jack was not happy. Not one bit. He was swearing regularly. Every other word was F-this and F-that. He was like a vocal machine gun spitting out swearwords like a soldier in the Vietnam war. Now I could have let it slide but he started saying derogatory comments about people from India. I could feel a slight anger arising in me.

I felt offended and Jack was being a ****

I calmly and assertively said “I don’t appreciate you swearing and being racist” There was silence for a moment. Surprisingly he apologised. I’m glad I was assertive because of this positive outcome.

Did you know that an assertive child is more likely to stand up for their rights and less likely to be bullied?

What do children become? They inevitably become adults. Think about it.

To be more assertive use assertive language. For example, “I feel you disrespected me” or “I think you treated me unfairly”. By doing so you authentically communicate your thoughts and feelings. It’s truly empowering.

Use good eye contact and stay calm and composed. Suggest ways you can both brainstorm solutions to the problem. Your relationships with others will be stronger by practicing assertiveness.

So, practice and have fun being assertive!

By Adam Bowcutt of My Side Business™ and XnForce™



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