Who is Adam Bowcutt and Why Does He Want Victory Against Suicide?

Adam Bowcutt
2 min readSep 1, 2019

After experiencing severe depression and being hospitalised, I nearly lost my life.

It is now my life mission is to help save 500,000 lives from suicide

It is now my life mission is to help save 500,000 lives from suicide with Victory Against Suicide. A not-for-profit organisation I created as a vehicle to complete this powerful mission.

Meanwhile, I am an agile problem solver and I’m fascinated by human behaviour. I am emotionally intelligent, personable and I consistently deliver valuable solutions.

I love keynote speaking and facilitating and I am energised by connecting and collaborating with open-minded people and progressive organisations to create seamless environments of ideas to action.

I achieved Advertising Sales Executive of the Year Award with United Business Media at The Trader Magazine.

I was awarded with an Honours degree in Psychology and Sociology from The University of Southampton, England and I am the author of the upcoming book Confide: How to Power Up After Experiencing Depression. The New Psychology of Confidence.

I spent several years in action sports industry in Canada and New Zealand, and built refined knowledge and experience as a pedagog; coaching and mentoring by teaching coaches how to coach effectively. I was a sponsored snowboarder and competed regularly in the slopestyle discipline. I was head trainer for an immersive freestyle snowboarding program in Canada. In New Zealand I coached high performance youth snowboarders at The Remarkables, Queenstown. Some are now global professional athletes.

Thriving on always adding value and building long-term relationships. I am a leader. I am an optimist

My core values are kindness, service, and trust.

I am energised by helping individuals and organisations become greater than the best and collaborating with others that share similar values and goals.

I am confident I could be of great service to you.

Please feel free to reach out ASAP.

I am Adam Bowcutt



Adam Bowcutt

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