Practicing Empathy Builds Psychological Strength & Future Value

Adam Bowcutt
6 min readApr 21, 2021

You can’t understand someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

A robot cannot understand or practice empathy, yet. Are you an empath, or do you sense how others feel?

You are not a robot. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots are coming to compete for your livelihood.

Robots are already doing tasks once completed by humans. This is increasing because of its economic benefits to companies that require profit to grow.

You are human. We are humans, and we have amazing capabilities that artificial intelligence and robots do not possess – yet. Right now we must strengthen our empathy for the sake of our future.

Humans are emotional sentient beings with a beautiful ability to sense, feel, and perceive things on a level that’s ineffable or too great for words to describe. For example, I am writing this exact sentence right now. I am attempting to explain using the English language and words to describe a feeling. It’s not even close. A word is simply a representation of a thing. Empathy is a thing that simply cannot be explained. It must be felt. It’s visceral.

Ask questions

Gather as much relevant information about the other person. Ask questions or research using the internet. Once you have enough knowledge, close your eyes and imagine you are the other person. What are they thinking, feeling, seeing, doing and most importantly why? Humans have a wonderful ability of intuition. Knowing without having to fully understand. There will be an element of bias because you are unique and your perception of the world and others is specific to you. With practise you will become more adept at being empathetic. It will begin to change the way you connect with others. You’ll experience less frustration, become calmer in social situations with new people and become more confident.

Did you know that a person diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM – 5) of the American Psychiatric Association exhibits a lack of empathy, particularly an…



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