5 Simple Ways to Become More Creative; Boost Confidence & Add Value

Adam Bowcutt
8 min readMar 24, 2021

Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics — Victor Pinchuk

Releasing creativity empowers you to shift from consumer to creator. Once you begin to create value you will begin exchanging this value for money. It’s a resource to use as you choose. We could all dedicate more energy to increase our creativity, because humans need to create things. It’s part of human nature; it’s part of who we are.

Did you know that daydreaming provides a mental incubation period, enhancing creative thinking, long-term planning, and self-awareness?

I used to daydream regularly when I was younger. My mind would wander. I imagined scenarios that were so much fun. But I felt guilty because I was supposed to be in reality when I was imagining and creating, daydreaming in my mind. Being guilty is a waste of your mental resources, I have found. Now without any guilt, with confidence, and in the excitement, I regularly daydream. Daydreaming is a way to practise releasing creativity. Let your mind wander.

1. Schedule regular daydreaming sessions every single day, and you’ll start to discover how creative you really are. Then write down what you daydream about. This way, you will start to practise releasing your creativity, therefore empowering you to shift from consumer to creator.

You’ll start to imagine and use your powerful imagination to think of ideas, new ideas that could provide great value to yourself and other people. Personally and commercially.

Also, focus on your five senses whilst daydreaming. Touch, taste, smell, sight, hearing. So in turn think about at least two things connected to each sense. For example, touch two things nearby. It could be a cup of water. It could be a pen. Then move to taste. Drink a glass of water and taste a juicy green apple. Then smell what two things your sense of smell detects. Now sight. What things immediately draw your eyes’ attention? Hearing. What two things are you…



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