5 Reasons Mentorship is Valuable in Business and Life

Adam Bowcutt
1 min readOct 14, 2017


Mentorship is a relationship between an experienced and knowledgeable person helping guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person

  1. Accountability #psychology

A mentor establishes accountability for your actions. It’s more likely you will follow through with a plan because you are made accountable.

2. Decision-making #objectivity

A mentor helps with decision-making. Having two minds work on a problem is exponentially more effective than one.

3. Experience #wisdom

A mentor offers valuable insight gained from experience. You will profit from awareness of their past mistakes.

4. Relationship-building #networking

A mentor will help you broaden your network. You could be introduced to new people relevant to your development.

5. Personal development #growth

You will grow personally and professionally as a result of your relationship with your mentor

Next steps: How will you find your mentor? Linkedin has a feature that links a suitable, motivated mentor with you, the mentee. Do it. Reach out. Mentors are often true leaders that want nothing more than to help you succeed.

By Adam Bowcutt — Founder of My Side Business™ BSc (Hons) Psychology and Sociology specialising in Social Psychology



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