3 Potent Ways You Can Take Your Power Back

Adam Bowcutt
5 min readFeb 22, 2021

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths — Etty Hillesum

When you care for yourself, you’re really respecting yourself. For example, you can abuse your body through drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and even food. Whatever you put into your mouth, it shows how much you respect your body, your machine. You only have one body. If you feed yourself with good-quality, nutritious, healthy food, it shows you’re caring for your body and yourself with self-care, carefully. If you don’t and you put loads of shit in your body, it shows you’re not really caring for yourself. Therefore, you’re not really showing yourself much respect. This is one example where you may not be caring for yourself.

The first step is having awareness. Then you can start to make informed decisions about how you care for yourself.

What will you do today to show yourself you care?

Please be mindful about caring for yourself, because you are the most important person right now. How can you look after someone else if you don’t look after yourself first? Self-care is how you treat yourself, and how you do this represents your self-worth.

Be aware of how you talk to yourself, your internal and external dialogue. If you catch yourself saying ‘I’m such an idiot’, whether out loud or with your internal voice, stop, observe, and then know the truth. You are definitely not an idiot. If you keep saying it to yourself you may just start to believe it. This is certainly not helpful.

Switch up your internal dialogue. For example, If you hear yourself, or others say:

“I’m an idiot”

Call yourself out on it. Say:

“No you’re not”

The power of this practice becomes stronger with mindful repetition.

Eat good-quality, wholesome, and healthy food. The more you do this, the better you’ll feel within and without. You’ll be respecting your body by giving it the highest-quality fuel. Your body is like a Ferrari, so it needs the best fuel. If you…



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